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As a „Boutique Consultancy“ we have been providing tailor-made management consulting services, giving our customers a highly valued service for over 20 years.

We put an emphasis on co-creation with our clients, who come from a broad mix of organisational sizes and industries. Using our hearts and minds, we aim to help them make significant and long  lasting improvements, as well as ensuring they realise their most important goals.

Our mindset and consulting approach are based on competence and vast experience, with a focus on delivering to high quality standards. We attend to our customers with enthusiasm, authentic passion, offering thorough advice, even if the road is bumpy and uneven at times – always appreciating the trust of the people we work with. We are proud of our long standing client list, with customers often being referred to us by word of mouth from clients, who are happy to pass on our details due to a successful collaborative outcome.

While most of our customers are located in Central Europe a respectable part of FACT Consulting’s project work is performed in English.

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Our Services

Excellent organisations have a clear strategy, well-defined and implemented processes and competent leaders.

We accompany and support our customers on their journey towards excellence – providing well-balanced and tailor-made consulting services. Our consultants strive to serve as trusted advisors to top management at a strategic level as well as supporting operational improvements with extensive know-how. We provide guidance to our clients on decisions to make and how to implement them – with a focus on achieving good results.


We support our customers in establishing strategies that work. Of particular importance are the joint development and design and a thorough communication process. Our experience shows that through early involvement of all management levels the successful implementation based on acceptance is significantly higher.
Together with our clients, we arrange annual strategy reviews to reflect implementation and to ensure sustained results.


People empowerment is a key priority for organisational achievements and success. Excellent leadership ensures direction, motivation and energy for employees in a sustainable corporate culture. We accompany, support and coach executives in their challenging task of enabling their teams to flourish. We work together to further develop modern leadership in our customer’s organisational context, equipping them to grow and lead.


Organisation development requires an optimal design of the entire value chain and processes to achieve desired results. With the FACT approach we support in analysis and improvement of organisational processes with sound expertise and in-depth knowledge of many industries and markets.
Efficiency is improved and conflicts are resolved by creating a common view of tasks, responsibilities and competences.


EFQM is a comprehensive, holistic approach for evaluation and assessment of excellent organisations. The excellence model is constantly refined and developed by the partner organisations. Our team has been actively involved in the development of the EFQM Excellence model and its newest edition. The three main topics of the model: Direction, Execution and Results represent also a framework for our FACT Consulting approach, offering a structured development path for companies that strive for excellence.

Work Designs

The strongest lever for sustained success is the ability to connect strategy development with efficient operations. In line with our clients‘ wishes and requirements, we create bespoke designs to meet their specific company needs.

  • Short one off projects
  • Project-consulting
  • Long-term orientated programs and partnerships

Through all of our work designs we aim to lead our customers to new opportunities, using our sound know-how of proven consulting tools. In joint co-creation, we are also challenging a more creative mind-set, by questioning existing values and rethinking customer expectations.

Selected Customers

„Isovolta Aviation and Transportation realized it needed to review it’s strategy as well as to make strategic implementation more consequential and measureable. FACT Consulting designed and supported the process to achieve this goal with professional moderation and guidance through in-depth technical discussions. The result was a pragmatic transfer from strategic statements to objectives with key measureable results that integrates our budgets and business plan
into our daily work.“

Isovolta Inc., Harrisburg (US) Andrew Healey (CEO)

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